What Can You Do To Stop Smoking

Rome was not built in a day, and nor can you give up smoking in a day. Quitting up an addiction such as smoking that you have probably built up over several years will certainly take a bit of an effort. And time, of course. But the moot point to remember is there are various options out there if you are diligent enough to carry them out till the very end, and not give up midway.

Almost everyone around you must be pressurizing you to give up your smoking habit. Now it is time to heed to them. Next time a person tells you to kick the habit, do not snap at them. But think about it coolly. If you give up smoking, you will certainly be out of the line of fire of a host of diseases - fatal cancer included - but you will also become more acceptable in society. Your partner might appreciate you better. Your smoking habit is not only shortening your own life, but it is taking its toll on the health of the people who live with you too. And that includes any children you might have in the family.

When you have thought about all the repercussions of smoking carefully, you must think about what can you do to stop smoking. Because now is the time to think of a therapy that would suit you. There are many out there, and you would do well to ask your doctor about them. Your doctor could put you on a whole therapy to pull you out of the habit. But, you must ask your doctor about each aspect of the therapy, so that you know how you are going to be treated eventually. Do not hide pre-existing conditions from your doctor, since some medications have their contraindications.

Your chemist might tell you about nicotine replacement methods that are available to control the harm cigarettes do to your body. These are actually nicotine products that do not contain tar, which cigarettes do. So, while you will not go cold turkey, you will also protect your body from harmful conditions. Again, you must think about this. Using nicotine to control an addiction that stemmed from nicotine in the first place is not a very good idea.

There is a surfeit of alternative therapies available today. There are herbal kits like SmokeRX and also therapies like acupuncture, acupressure, meditation and Yoga for strengthening your body and weaning it from the addiction. Get to know about these methods, for they are by far the safest.

You must not think - what can you do to stop smoking? The correct question must be, how can you do it? The best way is of course to change your lifestyle. Live a more active life, and engross yourself in activities that interest you. When you are socializing, take care not to succumb to cigarettes again, even if it just one fag. Tell your friends strictly that you have given up smoking. Build up the confidence within yourself, and you might also be able to inspire some of your smoker friends in giving up the habit.
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