Rolfing Ten Series-Closure/Wholism

In this Rolfing session there is no new work to initiate . This is the final opportunity for the Rolfer to bring resolution to the clients body. Tenth hour: Closure/Holism (8-9-10) 3D, present time, dynamic.

The main goal for the tenth hour is to establish functional alignment from the ankles to the A/O joint. This is the opportunity to bring this clients body to the highest level of integration possible. Observe the breath and its transmission through the body and how the client's Psycho-emotional level manifests in the body. Movement should be fluid and orientation to G or G' tendencies should be considered. If more intra oral work is needed now is the time to do it and initiate further integration in x, y, z-axis from top down and vertical integration from the bottom up.

Tracking from the front and from behind is also ideal in tenth hour, considering horizontals at joints connecting segments, and diaphragms. The structure needs to be homogenous, stable, and palintonicaly open at its current level of order. The whole session should be considered an integrative session, get everything smooth and unlocked.

Neck work should be where any potential can be seen and back work could be broad and integrative. Pelvic lift or pull will end tenth hour. Leave time to say good bye, it has been an important process for both Rolfer and client and obvious growth and healing has taken place.Let the client know some recommendations for future work. Client's with scoliosis, or other pathologoies that cause chronic or acute neck or back pain should consider more sessions.

In conclusion, fascia like ripples of dark matter that engulf all of creation engulfs the mind and body of man and woman. From the double bag theory of the connective tissues ability to fold in on itself to create an alternate and complimentary compartment, to the theories of Albert Einstein about relativity and the effect that mass has on displacing and warping the void and enveloping depths of space. The inferences that could be drawn from surveying our universe are endless and yet we know that the ten series applied appropriately for each individual can create even more space than was previously considered.

In closing let us re-examine the nature of the series. Its intent is to establish order in the structure via considering The Rolfing Structural Integration wholistic system and the specific client involved, including environmental and physical factors.
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