Stop Smoking Naturally Reality Or Myth

As soon as one hears of the term stop smoking images of terrible pangs of depression and cold turkey conjure up in the mind. And then there are flashes in which smokers see them getting pumped with antidepressants with prescriptions from doctors who just want to complete a job. It is really no wonder then that smokers do not make a willing attempt to give up smoking, howsoever much they must have heard about the positive benefits of kicking the butt.

It is not worth doing anything with the human body in a way that nature has not decreed. It is indeed a sorry state today that most stop smoking methods used are unnatural methods. Using them is tantamount to freeing the body from one vice and making it subject to another. Antidepressants like Wellbutrin and Chantix - which are popularly used today - can cause irreparable damages to the nervous system, and could lead to drastic complications if a person has pre-existing medical conditions.

Hence, it makes the best sense to stop smoking naturally. People used to think that it is not possible to give up smoking the natural way, but the fact is, it is extremely possible if one makes an attempt. Of course, the first requirement is an unflagging willpower in the smoker. Counseling can help, or else the smoker could do his or her own research through the Internet and other methods of the problems that incessant smoking can create. It is advisable to enlist the help of friends and family too.

With the steely determination, the smoker must plunge right on and make the effort to go all the way. It is best to go cold turkey, howsoever much agonizing it might be. But, if you begin preparing from a few days in advance, the effects of cold turkey could be less. Drink lots of water as you are approaching the day when you will go cold turkey, and maintain a healthy active lifestyle. If possible, ensure that you are kept busy on your chosen day of quitting cigarettes permanently. Keep some natural foods like carrots around the home so that you could eat them when the situation becomes unbearable.

It is very important to change your lifestyle. Avoid all places where you used to smoke earlier, and if possible, even avoid the company in which you smoked. You must at least do this in the first few days of your quitting the habit since you are quite vulnerable to return back to smoking then. Spend time doing things you like to do, and participate in some sport. That would really bring the craving down. Another good idea is to spend time with the children in your family. The sense of responsibility will keep you from smoking.

If you feel this to be difficult, there is another very convenient method to stop smoking naturally. There are many herbal formulations available that can help you achieve this task. Herbs are natural and so you will be safe with these therapies. But be careful of adulteration. You must choose a genuine formulation like SmokeRX, which is cent per cent natural and is a rich blend of fast acting herbs.

Finally, it is not a myth that you can stop smoking naturally. Some people may snigger at the very idea, but tests have proved beyond doubt that it is certainly possible to stop smoking naturally. It only requires a dedication and the resilience to carry it through.
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