Rolfing Ten Series-Movement 1

Movement is necessary to include in each session and inclusion of subsequent pure movement integration sessions are a gem when time allows for them to be rolled into the Ten-Series.

The form or structure of the human body is a product of the nervous system and sub-consciousness mind. The fascia is the container of expression or the web of life, literally the human starts off as a streak of energetic potential and blooms into so much more. The respiratory diaphragm is primary from the digression of the heart and the rest of the web spins off from there. So our movement is our expression of the way we breath.

The way we breath is the way that we live. Breath and a deep felt sense of it's patterns are vital to our healthy perception of reality. The first of three movement sessions will include a functional breath release taken from Greenmans' Principles of Manual Medicine.

Start with the client walking to assess through client's self discovery where breath is bound and or flowing in the thorax and pelvis. It should be noted if the inspiration or expiration is more desirable.The client can lay supine on table and observe breath again in and out of the chest, belly, and pelvis. If restricted breath is in chest, release can be explored by placing hands on either side, one hand on pectoralis the other under the same side scapula, with fingers pointed inferiorly.

The breath should be expansive in to A-P gamma resistence on inhale and contractive on maximum exhale. Gamma compression into ribs infero-posterior and scapula supero-anterior past previous resting point will create new expansive potential. Explore to a new resting point, exaggerating direction of breath and move both hands anterior, same side with fingers pointing inferiorly. With right hand on pectoralis and the left at the bottom of the ribs meet the clients exhalation with gamma resistence then on the exhalation compress and exaggerate past previous resting point to a new one. Repeat on other side.

This exercise is usually associated with a new expansive ability to experience breath, as well as exposing a subtle lift. Bring client to standing and assess their gait cycle and how this breath release transmits through the body. A felt sense of lift and ease is usually associated with this technique enabling a more authentic expression. When considering all of the rolf movement technique it is clear how Rolfing compliments Orthopedic Chiropractic, Psychology, Massage and Physical Therapy.
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