10 Reasons You May Like Rice N Shine

10. Rice 'N Shine is made from stabilized rice bran by Nutracea, a specialty whole foods processor well known in the whole foods movement for avoiding using synthetics or chemicals.
9. More than 60% of the nutritional food value of rice is destroyed by traditional processing; Rice 'N Shine uses 100% of the food potential of rice.
8. Rice 'N Shine has a bunch of health friendly nutrients including 107 known antioxidants, lots of water-soluble B-complex vitamins, and other stuff that is too densely scientific for this blog.
7. Blended with fruit, water, and most anything else thats healthy, it tastes really good, unlike that chalky stuff you get out of cans at the drug or grocery store or even most other protein drink powders.
6. Nutracea holds a number of patents for methods and formulations for treating inflammatory diseases such as arthritis with stabilized rice bran as a key component (this is true, BTW, check out Nutracea's website for the patent numbers!)
5. The Food and Drug Administration won't let anyone claim that stabilized rice bran contributes to the reduction of symptoms for inflammatory diseases regardless of the tested patent claims (go figure...)
4. Since replacing my evening meal with Rice 'N Shine one year ago, I've lost 40-lbs without doing anything else to my diet or exercising. Of course I can't claim that anything non-drug related contributes to weight loss you know!
3. Even though Rice 'N Shine is sold by a cheesy late night infomercial operator, Rice 'N Shine is absolutely a top notch product, especially once you see the next two reasons to check it out.
2. For these final two I'm going to speak in code as those who know what I'm talking about will get it right away. Anyone who doesn't get it, stop and think about it. Anyway, since using Rice 'N Shine I've turned into a totally regular guy. Really! Not bad for a 59-yo guy with a sedentary office job.
1. And the number one reason I absolutely love Rice 'N Shine is that I'm no longer a contributer to the global natural gas shortage. Who'd have thought something this simple that tastes so good and is so absolutely healthy would have such a profound positive outcome on my social and office life!
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