Tips When Buying a Reiki Table

Reiki, as you know, is a very positive energy based treatment that has been gaining popularity across the world. Reiki Masters are known to heal all kinds of ailments with energy directed to the body of the recipient.

For this Reiki treatment, there are Reiki tables that are mainly designed for Reiki patients who have accepted this as a natural way of treatment. So here are some tips when buying a Reiki table:

* You can easily opt for fold up type of massage tables which would be particularly useful if you make home visits to the patients who are in need of your help.

* If you intend to take the fold-up table to the home of a client, opt for something that is light weight so that the table wont be too heavy or strenuous for you to carry around with you. It is best if you can buy one fold up kind of a table that has its own cover. This would protect the table surface from getting spoiled, torn or scratched in any way. It would also last much longer and look better with a cover.

* Do see if the material in which the massage table is covered is of washable category. If so, you can relax and sigh in relief as it would be a durable investment. It is equally important for you to check whether the leg construction of the fold-up table would be able to withstand the pressures that come with the job of healing others over the years as you go on with your work.

* If your work in Reiki healing comprises the use of crystals as a part of the treatment course, it would be best for you to have table that is wide. If your table is wide, you would not have any difficulty to put the crystals on the table surrounding the body of the client.

* If you are short, it would not be a great idea to get yourself a wide Reiki table at all because your strain would be tremendous as you would keep on and on over stretching so that you can reach out to place your hands on the farther end of the body of the recipient.

* It will be important to ensure that you minimize your back from getting badly affected because of your constant bending especially if you are more on the taller side. So table height is crucial for you to consider. Most of the Reiki tables confirm with standard heights, but do not rule out the possibility that these tables can also be tailor made so that your personal height and comfort is ensured.

* Because most of your time is usually spent with your clients in a sitting position, do see if there are wires that help to provide some kind of support which allows you to place your legs under the Reiki table in a manner that is very comfortable for you while you are at work. If not, it would be strenuous for you.

* If you manage to spot any Reiki table with legs providing support to the table right in its middle, go for it because it helps your table to last for longer number of years. But if this is not possible, try to use some effective kind of tension wires so that you can easily hold the corner legs of the table in its right place while it makes sure that there is enough stability in its structure.

With these tips, choose your Reiki table with confidence.
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