Stop Smoking Product Choose The Best One To Kick The Habit

There are quite a number of smokers out there who want to give up the habit, but unfortunately they are not doing anything actively about it. When asked the reason, most would tell that they do not know what stop smoking product they must use. You cannot blame them either, for there are virtually thousands of stop smoking products hounding the market today, and it will take great powers of selection to choose which is the best among them.

Now, frankly speaking, no one can really tell you what the best stop smoking product is. There are several factors that will influence how you should tackle your habit. You must take into account how long you have been smoking for, and in what quantity. Then you must also take into account how fast you want the habit to subside. Another point to consider is the general physical and medical condition of your own body. Here we mention a few stop smoking products that are quite popular in the market. They will help you to make a fair selection.

Nicotine Patches - The nicotine patch is a popular stop smoking product that is used as a transdermal patch on the body. This patch contains nicotine, which is slowly taken into the body. Such a nicotine infusion in the body reduces the smokers craving for the cigarette, which gradually helps to overcome the addiction. The nicotine patches are given according to the persons smoking habit. For heavy smokers, a 21 mg patch is used, while 14 mg is for moderate smokers and 7 mg is for mild smokers.

Criticism for nicotine patches is that it does not actually reduce the addiction to nicotine and hence, there is a chance that the person may revert to the cigarette once he or she stops using the patch. However, as long as the person uses the patch, he or she is kept away from the harmful effects of tar on the body system. Generally, the nicotine patches are gradually stepped down until the need for them totally diminishes. It has been found that nicotine patches have had a good success rate in making hardened smokers give up the habit.

Medication - Conventional stop smoking products are generally the antidepressants like Chantix and Zyban. Such antidepressants work at helping the smoker overcome the depression that comes with giving up smoking. But, even doctors would say that antidepressants are not meant for everyone since there are a host of contraindications to be looked into. Also, most stop smoking medications will try to cure the addiction, but will not be able to repair the damage that is already done in the body.

Spiritual Methods - Spiritual methods like yoga are being used widely for smoking cessation. Spiritualism is a slightly unconventional stop smoking product, because it does not directly address the smoking problem, but it intends to improve the overall lifestyle of the person. Yoga is more about an exercise in self-control which enables smokers to develop the willpower to resist the cigarette. The success rate is not quite dramatic. People may give up smoking while they are on the program, but may turn back to the habit once they are back to their routine life.

Herbal Products - Herbal stop smoking products are becoming really popular all over the world as they are increasingly proving their efficiency. Saint Johns Wort, chamomile, lobelia, etc. have been used since centuries in parts of the world, but their use has become almost universal now. Some herbal remedies, like the SmokeRX, are so effective that you are guaranteed to quit smoking in just seven days. Moreover, herbal remedies are very safe to use. They can cause the deaddiction as well as gradually repair the tissues and organs damaged due to the habit.

The only point against herbal remedies is that they are not yet FDA approved. But there are enough testimonials and satisfied people to keep these stop smoking products running the show.
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