Medicine And Self Healing With The Mind Body Link

The growing body of research shows that the mind and body respond to each other, certain emotional and psycholgical states bring about changes in the chemical balance in the body. The role of thoughts and emotions on a persons ability to heal is often overlooked by medical practitioners. They know, as most do that the "Placebo effect" is well documented, for example where a sugar pill is substituted for the usual medication with a patient and yet the patient still reports an improvement as if they had the prescribed medication. The key factor here is that the patient believes the pill will make a difference.
Whilst there is no suggestion that we should all be lied to and given sugar pills instead of other medications it is important to remember what it teaches us.

When we experience illness it can be a frightening time, we feel sometimes out of control and that all adds to the stress. Certain life experiences can predispose us to illness as in for instance the death of a loved one, loss of a job. This is because it affects our whole way of thinking and being. We feel vulnerable and our thoughts and feelings take a negative turn. It can take a strong will to pull back from those feelings. Most often what is happening is that the trigger event reminds us of another time when we felt alone, abandoned or vulnerable and all the old fears start up again.

Imagine that you are a small packet of dried peas, quite comfortable in your packet but then some water starts to get in like the stress accumulating in your life, it may just dribble in to start with and you manage, but the peas are expanding inside the packet. Gradually pressure builds and builds as the peas expand taking on board all this additional water until finally something has to give. The weakest part of the packet (possibly your nervous system, or weak part of your body) gives out first. You can see that the emotional pressure has to find a way out and if it is not being dealt with then it will come out another way...lack of sleep, illness, depression.

Releasing old hurts, fears, emotional blocks and barriers can free up the body to get on with its healing process. It can also prevent illness in the first place. Quite often people need to reconnect with themselves, that is with their thoughts, feelings and physical body which quite often gets taken for granted and ignored. Illness can be the bodys' way of getting your attention to the fact that all is not well with you. The best way of dealing with this is to work with your sub conscious mind. There are many ways to do this and many CDs, books, workshops and therapists available to assist this process. Generally to achieve a result quickly you will need guidance and some practical and personal help as the most effective techniques require a competent practitioner, but just opening up to listening to your own body and being aware that the symptoms do not tell you the whole story is a good start.


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