Learn How To Cure Your Recurrent Yeast Infections

Thousands of women who are ill-fated enough to suffer from one yeast infection will go on to be plagued with recurrent yeast infections. The oversight which is then made is to continually treat the yeast infection with an anti fungal topical treatment that is only making the yeast infection worse. Find out why this happens in the information below.

When you're suffering from continual yeast infections the fastest thing to do is go out and get yourself an additional anti fungal topical treatment. If you're like thousands of other women you'll be using the anti fungal treatment just for the quick fix of the constant discomfort that comes with suffering from a vaginal yeast infection.

The issues that accompany this approach to the treatment are caused by the fact that you're only curing one single symptom of your yeast infection. There are a lot of symptoms to yeast infections, but an uncomfortable vagina is the most popular, and is the number one symptom that needs to be cured as soon as possible. But as thousands of women realize this is only for their comfort, and is not curing their yeast infection from the root cause.

If you're suffering from recurrent Candida infections then the reason will not be anywhere near your vagina, it will either be the Candida in your intestines, or related to a health problem. Once you discover the reason for your yeast infection you can then rid your body of the yeast that is causing your infections.

It's essential that you get examined by your health practitioner if you're suffering from recurrent Candida infections to eliminate any health conditions. Recurrent yeast infections can be a warning that you could have a health condition, with the most serious being HIV/AIDS. Chronic yeast infections can also be a sign that you could be suffering from Diabetes.

If you aren't suffering from any health conditions the most common reason why you're suffering from chronic yeast infections is an intestinal yeast infection. When you attempt to cure your vaginal Candida infection the anti fungal treatment you use will only temporarily cure your yeast infection. What happens when you finish your treatment is the Candida that is living in your intestines will then re-infect your vagina.

The mutated fungus finds it's way back to your vagina because it is a warm moist place that the Candida loves. This re-infection is made easy by the anti Candida cream killing all your friendly bacteria so there's no safe guard when the Candida re-infects your vagina. While you're attempting to treat yourself with the cream the Candida will become resistant to the medication.

An anti Candida protocol should be put into action to cure your intestinal yeast infection, and to effectively cure your recurrent yeast infections. Any anti yeast treatment will only make your intestinal candidiasis worse. Your natural intestinal flora is already out of sync, and taking more anti yeast drugs just completely shifts this balance to the advantage of the Candida.

Getting the right information on how the yeast mutates in and on your body will be in your favor. You can then go about stopping the yeast from mutating, and then rid your body of this infection causing fungus for ever.

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