Stop Smoking Herbs A List Of Some Of The Most Effective Ones

Today, there is a definite trend for using natural herbs for stopping the smoking habit. These stop smoking herbs do a variety of things to the body - they can reduce the craving of the nicotine, detoxify the body from the harm already caused by the smoking habit and also help the person to overcome the pangs of depression that come on with the habit. Here is a list of some of the most potent herbs prescribed to stop the smoking addiction.

Lobelia - Lobelia or the Indian tobacco perhaps tops the list because of its extreme effectiveness in curing the smoking habit. Lobelia is very similar to the real nicotine, but it has none of its addictive properties. Cigarettes made of lobelia in betel leaves are prescribed to smokers.

These cigarettes are herbal and also healthy in many respects. But the most important thing they do is that they create a distaste for the real nicotine. As a result, they are very helpful for people to give up smoking. They may get addicted to the lobelia cigarettes instead, but that is not half as bad as the nicotine cigarettes.

Clove - Oil of clove has properties to reduce the cravings of nicotine in smokers, even in hardened smokers. Herbal experts prescribe taking a single drop of clove oil and placing it on the back of the tongue whenever the person has the craving to smoke. This application immediately reduces the craving.

Primrose - Oil of primrose is traditionally prescribed to people who have been smoking heavily, which has almost damaged their lungs. The tar deposits on the lungs can be flushed out by a formulation made with primrose oil. This oil - taken in a particular manner - helps in flushing out toxins from the lymph system and the lungs, thus detoxifying the body.

Chamomile - A herbal tea made from chamomile and sipped on several times a day is excellent to kill the cravings for the cigarette. Chamomile is also an antidepressant. It helps smokers to face the withdrawal symptoms of their smoking habit, and not succumb to the cigarette once again.

When giving up smoking, the most important and primary thing to be addressed is that the therapy should reduce the cravings for the cigarette. In fact, the cravings are the most significant part of the smoking addiction. Stop smoking herbs help to reduce these cravings in an excellent manner, but they should be supplemented with a healthy diet that is rich in alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Vitamin C foods also help to combat the craving.

SmokeRX is a very effective formulation of the necessary herbs for kicking the smoking habit. This formulation has been developed in such a form that it can help overcome the habit in as less as a week. This and other similar herbal remedies are what smokers are looking up to to give up their addictions.
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