I Cant Stop Getting Candida Infections, Why Is That

If you're continually getting yeast infections you're not suffering alone. 5% of women will suffer with recurrent yeast infections and nearly all of them don't know why. And to make their problems no better their health practitoner doesn't know why either. The light at the end of the tunnel is, once you have found the reason for your recurrent yeast infections you can heal yourself and stop the Candida from infecting you any more.

You're probably in the position now where you're non-stop remedying your chronic yeast infections with an anti fungal treatment hoping that the next treatment you buy will be the one that heals you. You could even be taking oral anti fungals by now wishing that if you attack the yeast from within you will have a victorius treatment.

All of these cures are contributing to your recurrent yeast infections because neither of them are targeting the reason for your fungal infection. They all aim for the symptoms, and while they're only curing the symptoms the reason for your fungal infection is being ignored. About 90% of the time it will return worse than previously because the yeast is becoming tougher as it continually mutates to resist the treatment.

With the right information you can successfully cure your recurrent yeast infections. There isn't any reason why anyone should be suffering from chronic yeast overgrowth in this way unless you're suffering from a serious immune suppressing illness.

If you've been to see your health practitioner and he/she has confirmed that you have no underlying health condition then your recurrent yeast infections are caused by something else. This can be a medication you're currently taking or have used in the past. Now the yeast has mutated it is just getting tougher and completely out of control. You will now depend upon help in killing off the Candida fungus by undertaking a strict anti Candida protocol.

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