Home Remedy For Your Vaginal Yeast Infection

You're about to learn a simple, cheap home remedy for a vaginal Candida infection. More women are seeking an alternative yeast infection treatment. With a home Candida infection treatment you don't have any of the side effects associated with over the counter yeast infection treatments. And another benefit of using this natural treatment is, the Candida yeast taking residence in your vagina can't become resistant like they can to an over the counter treatment.


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Your Candida infection

Your Candida infection has been developed by a bacterial discrepancy inside of your vagina. When you use an anti fungal cream this bacterial balance is made worse instead of better. This is one of the reasons many women start to suffer from chronic Candida infections. An over the counter cream or suppository will wipe out all of the bacteria inside of your vagina, and that includes the friendly bacteria that is there to keep the Candida under control.

You have a Candida infection already because the friendly bacteria can't do it's work properly because it is outnumbered by the mutated Candida. When the over the counter cream or suppository kills all the bacteria in your vagina there is no safeguard left to do battle with the repopulating Candida. This is why a small percentage of women are unlucky enough to have their Candida infection come back more resistant than before they tried to cure it.

Your home remedy for your yeast infection

A home remedy for your vaginal Candida infection that is easily affordable, and is a cure that your yeast infection wont build any resistance to is a live yogurt. All you need to do is dip a tampon into the yogurt, then insert the tampon as you would do usually. Leave it in for an hour or two then remove it. The coldness of the yogurt will help remove the itching and burning, and you just need to re-apply the yogurt and tampon when you need to. Keeping the tampon in for hours can actually make you more uncomfortable.

It's essential that the yogurt you purchase is a live yogurt that is sugar free. A yogurt that contains sugar will just feed the Candida, and your infection will get worse.

The friendly bacteria in the live yogurt lives ordinarily inside of your vagina, and this is the reason why the fungus won't become immune to it.

It can get a bit sticky with the dipping and inserting but this home cure for your vaginal Candida infection is drug free, and a lot cheaper than an anti fungal cream.

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