Herbal Medicine for Chronic Asthma

Asthma, as we all know, can be a life threatening disease if we do not take necessary measures to keep it under control. Asthma attack can occur to anybody between the age 1 to 70. A 2-year old child can develop shortness of breath even though he never smoked. The only reason is that they carry asthma with them or in other words it is hereditary.

Asthma usually starts from early stage called wheezing (difficulty in breathing). Asthma attacks can also happen if you suffer with cold and flu often. It can also happen if you are allergic to cats. The severity depends on the symptoms and level of your asthma. Most likely you might have already visited doctors and have been given a prescription of drugs and inhalers for the rest of your life. While these drugs and inhalers can cause more harm by giving you temporary relief, they do not cure asthma from the root. There is nothing to worry there is a permanent cure for it in herbal medicine.

The use of herbal medicine has been around since the beginning of time. People from all cultures have been using herbs to cure almost any kind of ailment. Nowadays the use of herbs has become very popular. This is because people believe in the healing power of the herbs and they are less expensive, and there are no side effects to run with.

Usually the inhalers are not safe for people suffering with asthma as these inhalers will have some dangerous chemicals that might cause side effects, or even tighten your lungs causing death. The good news is that there are many herbal medicines which are safe and clinically proven to cure your chronic asthma. These herbal medicines can cure asthma from the root which no other drug or inhaler can do. And the most important of all is that the herbs do not contain any potentially dangerous chemicals and do not cause any side effect whatsoever.

Using herbal medicines can facilitate you in the following ways:
* It helps you breathe clearly without wheezing or chest tightness.
* Reduces your fear and anxiety related to your asthma. (Anxiety can sometimes result in increase of asthma).
* Eradicates the borders on your activities and helps you enjoy your life.
* Reduces asthma symptoms and avoid attacks, even when exercising or during night.
* Decreases the intake of your need for drugs and inhalers.

No matter what route you choose, regular exercises, effective breathing exercises and morning walks are the permanent remedy to completely eradicate asthma. In short you can lead a long life filled with lots of happiness. Now say bye bye to asthma forever.
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