What Is Reiki? (Part I)

The action to put your hands on yours or other people`s or animals` body to heal is in our nature. When we feel pain the first thing we do is to bring our hands where we have pain.
When we have fever we put our hands on our forehead to reduce suffer. The touch brings heat, serenity and healing. Animals do almost the same when they leak a wounded part of their body. In the animal world a mother leaks her kids when they are sick and human beings touch their babies with their hands.

The human or animal body irradiates heat and energy, which is vital force. This concept is well known and mentioned in all the human cultures, and this energy has different names according to each of these cultures. For example in India it is called Prana and because of this name we today talk about prana healing. Chinese call it Chi and for this reason today we know about Chi Kung, an ancient healing discipline.

In Reiki the healers have to open the energetic channels and to remove the blocks through harmonisations. The healers receive the energy to heal them and connect to the source of the universal energy, also called universal Ki. Reiki is not a religion; neither is connected to a religion. It is the source of life. It is an entity and as a concept is even older than religious philosophy.

Every living thing has Ki inside. Who or what receives a harmonisation or attenuement is in direct contact with its illuminated source. There is more than one level of attenuement. With the first level the living entity becomes a channel that drives the energy. When the first attenuement is received, in the future the entity has to put its hands on its or other entities body to connect to the universal Ki. The energy will flow automatically.

The attenuement that put into direct contact to the source of Ki, increases the vital energy also of those receiving it. They realize an energy that heals them and they would be able to heal other people, and this energy will not extinguish. When receiving the attenuement the entity is getting a gift which will change its life in positive.

The harmonization or initiation is a process that makes Reiki different from any other method of hand imposition or healing through physical contact. It is not a healing session, but it is the procedure created by a healer. At the first level the beginner receives the first combined attenuements, at the second level another one and a final one at the third level. Each attenuement increases the capability to channel Ki. The attenuements are the essence of Reiki. Reiki does not have sense without attenuements. There should always be a healer and a receiver. The transmission of attenuements follows a nice ritual process, but sometimes it can be performed faster without any ceremony.

During one of the attenuements of the three levels of Reiki the master stands behind the student and draw the Reiki symbols. Then he moves in front of the student and again behind repeating the process. Those receiving attenuements can realize different feelings. Someone can see colours or images, someone else can see past existences. Some are covered by light or feel a sensation of peace or of love or wonder. Everyone feels something but the levels can be different from individual to individual.

When someone becomes a healer, the first time he or she feels the energy flowing through his or her hands. In this moment, after receiving the attenuement the entity becomes Reiki. There is not anything new but the new situation opens and puts in order what was already present in him or her. It is like providing light energy in a house.

Some masters say that those receiving Reiki in this life are people who already received it in their previous lives. Reiki is a memory according to them. In reality we all have received Reiki as it is part of our genetic patrimony.

Reiki is composed of three degrees. During the attenuement of the first degree the scope is to heal the physical diseases. The beginner in fact feels a physical improvement in the first months after the first attenuement. In fact at the first level the healing sessions are self-healing. The beginner can also heal another person through a direct physical healing. At this aim the healer has to put his or her hands over the body of the person to heal.
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