Tips That Doctors Know That Teach You How To Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart disease and heart attacks in the world today. Millions of people are afflicted with high cholesterol whether it is because of heredity or diet.

Cholesterol is the fatty molecule that is produced by the liver and dispersed throughout the body through the bloodstream. It is a natural part of cell strength. In normal amounts, cholesterol can assist the body in many different ways. It is when cholesterol reaches unhealthy levels that it becomes a health risk.

High cholesterol is a serious health risk for millions of people around the world. Whether the high cholesterol is due to heredity or diet, there are ways to lower cholesterol to a level that is not a risk to your health.

The most important way to lower cholesterol is to modify your diet. This includes limiting consumption of red meat, milk and cheese, along with other dairy products. These foods are high in cholesterol and can increase your risk of a heart attack.

Changing your diet does not mean that you have to sacrifice taste. There are many foods that are low in unsaturated fat, which is needed to maintain a low cholesterol level. Fruits and vegetables, along with fish, can help you lead a long and healthy life. Studies have shown that cultures that consume these foods as part of their daily diet have significantly lower levels of cholesterol and longer life spans.

The next step is to incorporate an exercise routine into your everyday life. This will also assist in lowering your cholesterol.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult to adjust to and a positive attitude is a necessity. Having a positive attitude will aid you sticking to the lifestyle changes you have committed to.

When you join a fitness center, you are usually assigned a personal trainer that will design a routine specifically for your needs. Most fitness centers have nutritionists that can help you set up a menu plan to assist in lowering your cholesterol.

For those who cannot control their cholesterol through diet and exercise alone, there are prescription drugs on the market today that lower cholesterol considerably. The medications can only be given once your doctor has done tests that show high cholesterol.

For those who are hesitant about taking more medications then they already are, there are herbal remedies that have had tremendous results. Research has shown that Flaxseed and niacin have proven to lower cholesterol. Red rice extract has also shown that it has cholesterol lowering properties. However, it is crucial that you consult your doctor before taking any type of medication for lowering cholesterol because there are some herbal remedies that may counter act prescription medications you are taking.

When you decide to take step to lower your cholesterol, you are not only doing it for yourself, but for your loved ones. By taking the necessary steps to lower your cholesterol, you are giving yourself the chance to be around for all of the special memories.

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