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I remember with my first wife how the pain of her migraine headaches would bring tears to her eyes. She could not walk. Resting was her only salvation. She would sit with hands holding her head for an hour.

Are you suffering from monotonous headaches? Headaches are a well-known ailment, but inspection has uncovered migraine remedy treatments that may improve your malady to almost melt away.

According to the National Headache Foundation (NHF) tension headaches affect nearly 78% of the adult population. 13% of the population suffers from migraines. Because the force of migraines varies greatly, one migraine remedy may aid one person may trigger an attack in another. The suggestions here are guidelines for those who suffer regularly from migraine headaches. Any one of these suggestions can be used as the migraine remedy that works best for you.

Watching what you eat is a simple migraine remedy

You may be vulnerable to aspartame. If you think you might be sensitive read the labels of whatever you are about to eat. The aspartame will enlarge blood vessels in your brain and cause a headache. Trying to stay slim using this sugar substitute can have an adverse effect on your head.

Caffeine is used to treat headaches. Its proprieties can ease pain medication in providing relief and can be found in medications to relieve migraines. However, excessive amounts caffeine can have a 'boomerang' effect and actually initiate headaches. If you suffer from regular headaches you should avoid daily use of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and certain sodas.

Skipping meals may cause headaches in some people, so eating regular meals may prevent headaches in these individuals.

Eliminate tobacco. This has been suggested as a migraine remedy according by the McKinley Health Center.

Getting enough sleep is imperative for everyone. If you suffer from tension headaches you may find getting your eight hours every night reduces the amount or rigor of your headaches. On the other hand, oversleeping can bring on a headache if you don't get up at your regular time (such as on the weekend or during holidays). So set your clock and get consistent with the amount of sleep you get.

Some headaches also seem to be aggravated by too much sun. Excessive exercise outdoors and lack of hydration can lead to headaches. Keep eyes shaded and be sure to drink sufficient of water when outdoors.

Sinus headaches may actually be migraines. Consult with your doctor to determine if you should alter your behavior and get a migraine remedy

According to the NHF, tension headaches caused by stress should respond to reducing the stress or use of over-the-counter analgesics. However, if headaches be realized almost daily you need to look for ways of dealing with the stress and discuss other options with your physician.

As with caffeine, regular daily use of over the counter treatments cans actually cause headaches.

If you are having repetitive episodes of headaches, you may be sensitive to any of the above mentioned triggers. See your physician to see if a migraine remedy is what is needed.

A healthy and active lifestyle has numerous health benefits, including a reduction of tension-type or migraine headaches. This may be your best migraine remedy.

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