How to Choose a Vendor when looking for Discount Salon Products

Discount Salon Products abound on the web. There are dozens of vendors out there - all selling quality products for substantially less than what you will pay in the salon. So what sets us apart from the pack? Why would you wish to purchase Discount Salon Products from

There are a multitude of reasons actually. Allow me to enlighten you as to the wonderful world of gray market products and Discount Salon Products.

The demand runs so high for some exclusive product lines that they create their own "Gray Market." The average salon may not meet the quality standards and expectations of these manufacturers and their distributors, and cannot enjoy selling Bumble & Bumble, Kerastase, Aveda and the like as their minimums may be impossible to meet within their budgets or their salons may not meet other requirements.

A salon owner may find themself in a situation where they unwittingly create an "overstock" situation by committing to minimums that are impossibly high. They may buy more product than they can move in a month and have to sell them after market to create room for next month's inventory.

Discount Salon Products may come from these purveyors, direct from overstock buyers, or through Salon Professionals such as Here's where the differences may manifest themselves in making a difference in your decision making process as to who to buy from.

Mass-market retailers i.e. the Big Box Stores may buy pallets in very large quantities of these products. They may have been sitting in a warehouse for lengthy periods of time. They may be selling discontinued product that has been replaced by "New & Improved" product from any given vendor. As you may know, product manufactures are on a never-ending quest for the perfect formulation and most unique packaging to set themselves apart from their competition. shops it's inventory weekly. Our Discount Salon Products are as fresh as possible. We take your order, fill it, replenish our stock a case at a time, and always have the very freshest Discount Salon Products to your door that money can buy. We don't have a giant warehouse with 50,000 SKU's that we maintain.

As the World Wide Web evolves, digital vendors such as us only have one thing to sell when you think about it. SERVICE!!! That's it. Service. What else sets us apart? We try to create an interactive environment with your transaction where we touch you in a multitude of ways throughout the transaction process.

You place an order. We send you a lovely eCard to acknowledge your very existence and to thank you for choosing us over the rest. We then send you an automatically generated email with FedEx tracking info that alerts you as to when the product ships, when it is delivered, and also if and when there is any delivery exception to your order. You can call us anytime 24/7 with your questions, comments and concerns.

Your credit card information is 32 bit encrypted and virtually impossible for anyone to hack and steal. We protect your personal information at and guarantee that we will NEVER share your contact information with any of the thousands of spammers that we all loathe so. We hate that ourselves so why would we do that with our customer base.

We track our return customers. We send free gifts to those that are continual, repeat customers. A "Gift With Purchase" occurs with every 5th purchase just as our way of saying "Thank You" for your continued patronage. We promote our referral network and reward our clients for multiple referrals.

So, to summarize, we offer SERVICE beyond compare. We are available 24/7 by phone or email. We kill you with kindness and free shipping. We facilitate what we like to call "digital touch" - where we are in touch with you throughout the entire transaction process. Our goal at is to make you feel like you are shopping at the corner grocery of days gone by. Our quest is to create a virtual family that grows to trust us to deliver the finest quality professional salon products at the lowest possible prices.

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