Quit Smoking-It's About Time

Smoking can be both physically and emotionally addicting, if you are not a smoker, addiction is something difficult to understand. A smokers dream is being able to go places such as the movies and being able to make it though a two hour movie without leaving for a cigarette or having a craving. These cravings can take over your life and become so powerful that they feel unconquerable. These cravings out weight the health risks associated with smoking.

Most people know the risks and dangers of smoking. The cancer risk is labeled on every box, as is the child birth defect warning and there are commercials on TV everyday that try to discourage smoking. Non smokers don't understand why someone would start smoking in the first place let alone why a smoker can not just quit. Unfortunately it is not that easy.

It is very common for a smoker to try quitting and fail multiple times before succeeding. Many feel if they failed once, they will surely fail again so there is no point in trying. This idea is very negative and can cause self esteem issues making it that much harder to quit. I am guessing this is not your first time trying to quit. Unfortunately, this process can create a learned behavior through repetition.

Often there are emotional connections or fond memories associated with smoking that people find it difficult to give up. Some people feel, if they quit smoking they have to quit having that happy memory or good feeling, this is not the case but it is a very realistic thought to the smoker.

The connection can even be as simple as a ritual. Every time you eat, go outside, get in the car, or listen to a certain song, you may have a cigarette. These rituals are learned behaviors and are obstacles for someone who is trying to quit.

A big concern for some is weight gain. Many times the same reasons people smoke is the same reason ex-smokers put on weight. People who are quitting might be more nervous, and therefore eat more or snack. Others might reward themselves with food instead of a cigarette. This is also a repetitive behavior.

I am sure you have tried many things such as nicotine gum, the patch, cold turkey or medications. Hypnosis for some is sadly a last resort. Hypnosis can assist you in may ways. Instead of using smoking succession aides, hypnosis deals with the root problem. It allows you to both develop and nurture your ability to quit smoking. It will help with self confidence and weight management also while you are trying to quit. It will also give you positive suggestions to continue to assist you on your path to smoking succession.

Each person experiences and deals with addiction is different ways. Often it can feel overwhelming to accomplish such a task alone and frankly down right frightening. Just by acknowledging you want to quit smoking, you have taken the first step. Now is it time for you to research the available options and find out what is right for you. The sooner you do the sooner you can stop having those cravings.

Patrick Glancy, NGH Board Certified Hypnotist with a focus on

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