How to Use Ginseng for Longevity

In ancient times Ginseng was given from one emperor to another to help in times of illness. This article will reveal the Ginseng secrets that have not been mentioned online. Ginseng does much more than just give you energy! If your like most people out there, you have a healthy skepticism about herbal remedies. It is wise to research and learn all that you can about herbs from valid sources. Fortunately, I worked for a well-known nutrition company over 10 years ago and stumbled on much of this herbal information by experience. I quickly learned what herbal products worked and which ones did not. I want to share an excerpt from a newspaper, in which the column was written by Allison Barker. I feel this information is invaluable and can truly benefit humanity. The Excerpt: "Mountain people say wild Ginseng soothes nerves, calms upset stomachs and, yes, excites libido. But Ginseng is not approved as a drug in the United States despite its health claims, says William Studer, executive director of the American Ginseng Society in Brooklyn, Mich. "Your body can resist infections if your HDL cholesterol is high enough," Studer says. "American Ginseng is one way to increase your level quickly." Jimmy Mason of San Francisco, a former intravenous drug user who tested positive for the AIDS virus in 1987, says he started taking Ginseng in 1989 after two years of AZT. "In a matter of two months after I stopped taking AZT and started taking Ginseng, my T-cell count went up for the first time," Mason says. "My doctors think it's marvelous." The above story is amazing and it shows the true power of the king of herbs! If we consumed more fresh natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains, you would be on your way to being a healthier person. By eating foods in their natural state, your giving the herbs a good foundation to work from. The best time to take Ginseng is in the morning, which makes it a good alternative to coffee. Ginseng seems to be more effective if you drink six to eight glasses of spring water or distilled water throughout the day on an empty stomach. Water is a tremendous healer of the body and it will increase the potency of the Ginseng. If you want the best results, then you may want to use Ginseng in the morning and the afternoon. IMPORTANT: Fruit juices and vitamin C may neutralize the beneficial effects of Ginseng, so it is wise to wait 3 hours after taking Ginseng to drink fruit juices/vitamin C. Dr. Michael Colgan, who is the director of the Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science in San Diego, California, said daily exercise throughout life lengthens the duration of one's lifespan. Also, he said that anxiety and depression can be relieved by exercise. If you combine walking 30 minutes everyday with drinking water and taking Ginseng, you may notice a dramatic difference. The water and exercise will make the Ginseng work more powerfully. When I worked in a nutrition store, people would come in and buy fat burning pills and expect to lose the weight without exercising. It is imperative that you either walk outside for 30 minutes or on a treadmill. Ginseng may able to increase your resistance to stress, but it has to be used periodically throughout your lifetime. Ginseng aids in bringing harmony to the hormones in your body and it enables the body to overcome the damaging prolonged effects of stress. Ginseng's secrets can not be experienced without eating a healthy diet, drinking good amounts of water, and exercising. Use that treadmill or go for a nature hike everyday. The NIKE company was right, "just do it!" Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before using any herbal products.


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