What Comes First "Healthy Profits" or "Healthy People"?

Today, many people believe, there exists a shameful practice throughout modern medicine of prioritizing "healthy profits" over "healthy people". Many medical procedures and synthetic drugs are prescribed for the purpose of making money first and helping the patient second. Another belief is that information on inexpensive "alternative" medical treatment is deliberately withheld from patients because natural products do not create profits for doctors, hospitals or pharmaceutical companies.

This hideous practice is especially apparent in the diagnostic, preventative and follow-up treatments of degenerate diseases such as cancer, heart disease, asthma, arthritis and so on. It's illogical to treat degenerate diseases with chemicals, radiation or surgery which make the body more degenerated by weakening its immune system. You cannot poison the body back to health. It's very probable that a majority of persons reading this article have witnessed a family member or friend suffer more from the so-called "cure" than from the disease, itself. This is just crazy!

Here's a study that illustrates this craziness. One of the most prestigious cancer treatment centers in the world, The McGill Cancer Center in Canada, did a study of oncologists to determine how they would respond to a "personal" diagnosis of cancer. On a confidential questionnaire, 58 out of 64 doctors said that all chemotherapy was unacceptable to them and their family members because they believe the drugs are ineffective and too toxic. Yet, these same doctors were recommending chemotherapy to their patients to remain in "good standing" with the hospital's elite by creating more profit resources.

This criticism is not against every aspect of modern medicine. Many people would not be alive today if it were not for dedicated doctors, state-of-art medical equipment and the know-how of modern medicine. What is deplorable is all of the misinformation or with-held information as to preventative and maintenance "alternative" treatments. This deliberate apathy, in order to retain profits, costs the general public lives, suffering and lots of money. Author Upton Sinclair once wrote; "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." It's this type of mindset that has overtaken most of the factions of modern medicine and is so dangerous to public health that it must be challenged.

But how can the medical establishment, which consists of MDs and PhDs, be challenged? Most people are intimidated by these degrees and just accept whatever treatment or medicine is prescribed for them; no questions asked. Another problem is that most healthy people don't care about medical procedures until it effects them directly.

The origin of this "profits first" mindset is the large drug companies. They have the money and power to intimidate the various factions of modern medicine to remain "silent" as to alternative treatments. More amazingly, they also have intimidated the manufacturers of nutritional supplements from making any claims as to medicinal benefits of the vitamins, minerals and herbs that they sell. Just read the legally required disclaimer statement on the label of any nutrient. It will read as follows; "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." Imagine marketing products that you could only make general statements as to their benefits or else risk being sued out of business. What has happened to "freedom of speech" and "free enterprise"?

One way to challenge this practice is to use your power of "freedom of choice". When you need medical help, you have the freedom to choose your doctors, hospitals, medicines, therapies and so on. Become an informed patient. Don't be intimidated. Ask questions. Remember, it's your body. It's your life and health on the line. Nobody cares more for your body than you. Make your own informed decisions.

Another way to challenge this despicable practice is to use the power of the "freedom of speech" against the very factions that are trying to suppress it. The big drug companies may silence orthodox medicine, but they cannot control or stop the "freedom of expression" of the general public. People, who have experienced a natural cure, must tell other people. Then those people will tell others, who tell others and so on and so on. This system of people helping people will grow exponentially very quickly. The number of people aware that natural alternative therapies are available to them will be staggering in a very short period of time.

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