Sizzling Sex with Nutritional Supplements

Most of us in today's environment do not have the ability to reach the maximum level of health as we are exposed to a multitude of pollutants and contaminants every day. Unfortunately, our bodies are unable to expel these as quickly as they accumulate. Together with this, the majority of us do not eat a nutritionally balanced diet that is necessary for good health, let alone good sex.

Although research has been inconclusive regarding the full requirements of chemical elements and complex nutrients essential to achieve optimal functioning of each part of the human sexual system, they have discovered enough to enable the designing of a balanced food regime to produce peak physical finess for maximum level sexuality.

The major fact that is encouraging is that regardless of the deterioration of an organ, gland or tissue, underactive or toxic-laden tissue can be replaced with new tissue which is made from the right foods with exactly the right chemical elements. This is because constant chemical replacement takes place within the human body. Each of these organs, glands or tissues have a unique function in the body and therefore requires a unique set of chemical elements to maintain health and to work efficiently. This allows for the identification of specific nutrient requirements when a particular organ is ailing and a dietary regime can then take care of the problem. Numerous chemical elements are required by the body and they work together in different combinations.

In all instances of major sexual problems, both partners should seek advice from their medical practitioner.

Such sexual problems as impotence, sterility, sexual transmitted diseases and such diseases as AIDS are usually caused by external infectious bacteria and viruses. Other factors such as stress, depression and chemical pollutants such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs may also be responsible for sexual problems and so these cannot be remedied by dietary changes alone.

Should impotence in a male be the issue, following advice from the doctor that functional causes have been eliminated, then dietary changes are necessary. A diet which is high in silicon, iron and sulfur is recommended, including such foods as whole grain cereals, seafood, onions, garlic, nuts and seeds.

Ovarian and uterine problems in women such as menstrual cramps, nausea, backaches and low libido should also firstly be checked by a doctor. In the majority of cases they will find that a balanced diet including warm drinks such as milk, elderberry juice, parsley tea, herbal tea with eucalyptus and white clover honey will achieve considerable relief.

Supplementing a well balanced, nutritional diet with additional nutrients such as lecithin, bee pollen, aloe vera, chlorella, chlorophyll, dulse and other seaweed, garlic, herbs, lactobacillus acidophilus, malva, royal jelly, wheat germ, raw seeds, nuts and sprouts and incorporating physical activity into your day, will all contribute to maintaining optimal health of the body's various systems.

The result - sizzling sex!

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