The Secret Cause of Disease - Imprinted Traumatic Cellular Memories

I want to let you in on a secret that few people in the medical industry and alternative medicine community are talking about. And this is about the real cause of disease. And if you ever want to really do something about your health you will consider what I say seriously.

What I am about to tell you will only be believed by a few people. For those of you who believe and take action, you will literally save your own life.

We are all taught to believe that by taking some drug, herb, vitamin, mineral, or special combination of natural products that this will cure our disease. Yes, I teach and tell you many products that can help to relieve specific symptoms and that help to balance your body systems. And, of course, you need to take vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet to make sure your body has a surplus of the building blocks needed to keep you healthy.

Any time you use a drug or natural product to eliminate a symptom or a condition you are not curing your disease. You can see this in the many people who use these products and later die of some deadly disease. What you are doing is suppressing the cause of the symptom, which will later cause another symptom in another area of your body. The result is you are constantly fighting and trying to eliminate different unhealthy condition in and on your body.

The Cause of Disease

The cause of most all disease is un-natural changes in the cellular instructions that tell the cell what it needs to do to survive in the conditions that surround it.

These instructions are imprinted into your cells during your development in the womb and during your childhood. As you begin to develop and grow, you must adapt to the conditions and environment around you. To do this, your cells get new instructions on what you need to do to survive in this environment, whether it is in the womb or during your childhood.

When you have a traumatic period in the womb, during birth, or during childhood, these experiences distort your cellular instructions causing your body to create disease and distortions in your personality. Because this disease is a result of energy coming from your cells, you will always have this energy being emitted from your cells no matter how many drugs or natural remedies you use.

Drugs and natural remedies create a force that opposes the un-natural energies created by your cells and has the effect of temporarily reducing the symptoms or disease you are dealing with.

So, the only way that you can really cure yourself of disease is by eliminating this distorted, un-natural cellular instruction. This is no easy job and cells will resist because they know what it took to survive in the past and they essential still think they are in the past.

The Psychotherapy Industry has had tremendous growth because of the promise it holds to you that it can change who you are and at the same time improve your health.

For ten years I studied and receive Primal Therapy at Art Janov's institute in Los Angeles and at other centers. For one year I used EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization Reintegration, all in an effort to become the best person I could and to eliminate conditions that could lead to serious illnesses as I aged.

Yes, I did have many improvements in my behavior and thoughts but still there were certain habits that I found hard to eliminate.

In the last few months I have discovered a method created by a medical doctor on how to change and heal your distorted cellular instructions. When I used these techniques, in the privacy of my home, I was able to eliminate specific habits that had haunted me through all my years of therapy.

When you use these techniques, you can expect tremendous changes in your thinking and unhealthy habits. When cellular information is changed, your body has a chance to heal and eliminate any disease that it has been creating.

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Anonymous said...

YES PHIL YOU ARE CORRECT IN MANY WAYS, OF COURSE HEALING IS MULTI-FACETED AND can be approached by many ways, but eventually the cellular memories need to be addressed. I suggest that everyone do an internet search on cellular memories as I did tonight and you will quickly learn a lot. I did a lot of rebirthing for years yet I never felt that it healed my cellular memories, I am presently learning and practicing EFT, emotional freedom technique and the results so far have been profound. HOwever,I know there are many other techniques to resolve cellular memories and I am always searching for these, so would you please tell us who the doctor is that taught you the cellular healing technique , or at least the name of the technique cause this is a subject that needs to be practiced and not just talked about. and yes like you PHil I had severe digestive problems which has intensified my desire to clear cellular memories.

healing and peace, Starhawk