Penis Enlargement - Increases self worth and confidence

Penis enlargement is not just enlargement of a male organ; it is enhancement of the overall feeling of being a man. Penis enlargement can help men in a number of ways by providing various benefits.

However let's take a look at the following top three benefits of penis enlargement. These in themselves are convincing enough to support penis enlargement.

Top three benefits of penis enlargement

Increases penis length: Penis length is generally a very touch issue for almost all men. For reasons best known to them, women are often seen claiming penis length is not important to them. They always maintain penis size does not affect their sexual life. However deep inside, almost all women wish that their partner has an extended penis. This has caused most people to live under the illusion that penis size is not all that important.

Modern women have however become more open and candid about issues once considered taboo. Believe it or not, in a survey involving more than 500 women it was found that around 74% of women desired that their partner's penis should be bigger than it is now.

But more than women, men are eager to have a longer penis. A longer penis seems to be a sign of their maleness; men with longer penis size seem to possess more confidence and have a way with women.

Increase penis girth: This is the most important aspect of penis size for women. Men are mostly hyper about the length of their penis. The longer their penis size, the more self confidence they hold.

But this is only one way of seeing it. Penis size has two dimensions - length and girth.
Penis girth is more important for women since a thicker penis can stretch out and reach the clitoral or anal walls - naturally stimulating the nerves. Women climax easily and more often because the penis now stimulates their clitoral wall over and over again. This enhances friction and sensitivity in women which gets them highly excited and animated.
A thicker penis would also help massage and tickle the G-spot and other sensitive areas of the vagina that much more easily and effectively. This would not just enhance the sexual pleasure for a woman but also do the same for the man.

Increases self worth and confidence: For eons, men have been obsessed about increasing their penis size, going to any extent for penis enlargement. But why are men so hell bent upon increasing their main organ? Is penis size really important? This is something that has been debated for a long time now.

The simple answer to this question is - for most men "YES". A larger and longer penis causes a man to walk that much more erect and with confidence. The knowledge that he has a longer penis gives him a feeling of power over women and his fellow men. The conclusion remains - penis size matters to most mortals and exceptions are very few.

Penis enlargement and men

Notice the behaviour of a man with a small penis. There will be negative attributes which you can easily pick - hot-headedness, foul mood, antagonism and low self-confidence are just a few.

Is there actually a connection between a man's penis size and his temper? Prima facie there is none. However all men are very conscious about their penis size and feel virile and desirable to women if they are well endowed. So far even medical science has been unable to pinpoint the exact reason for men desiring an enlarged penis. It might be for physical reasons (for better sexual experience); for psychological reasons (for asserting their manhood) and for emotional reasons (for increasing self confidence and self worth).

Men with smaller penis face embarrassment and are an object of criticism among other well-endowed peers. So penis enlargement is a must and you should not be worried or feel shy about asking for it or wanting it.


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