The Origin of Reiki

Reiki is a very simple and efficient healing system with the imposition of hands.Many people struggled to discover the origins and the age of Reiki. It is not very easy. Much useful information has not been translated into English yet and some even have never been written. The history of traditional Reiki starts in 1800, although it is assumed to be quite older. The information available before the written texts, available only through the canalization, is theoretic, yet amazing and stimulating. Although this information is not proven it is very interested and cannot be neglected.

Many people, interested in Reiki, or canalization experts affirm that the human being history started on another planet and the human race has been brought on Earth. Translators of ancient texts are verifying these theories. We have to say they are really courageous. Someone affirms that the Reiki technique originated on the same planet where Gods with many hands were born on the Earth planet. This is also part of the ancient Indian culture. According to this culture the god Shiva brought Reiki on Earth and he wanted to be remembered for this.

The human body was created to be compliant to the characteristics of the Earth planet and Reiki was embedded in its genetic code. As a consequence, Reiki is part of us. Everyone has Reiki inside. Time ago was universal and was created to be used. The kids of one of the first civilizations, Mu, got the first level Attunement of Reiki at the beginning of the primary school, while the second level Attunement at the beginning of the secondary school. The Master level was only for the teachers but was available for everyone.

When this people left the land of Mu to go to places like India and Tibet, Reiki remained with them, even when Mu disappeared. The changes on Earth, when Mu and Atlantis disappeared, created several cultural imbalances, and Reiki was patrimony of only few people. In 1800 a Japanese men discovered that the healing method of Jesus and Buddha was similar to what Shiva has brought on Earth, and it was written in the Indian esoteric doctrines.

The history of Traditional Reiki started around the middle of 1800 when Mikao Usui, chancellor at the University of Kyoto, in Japan, and also Christian priest, started a research to discover which healing method Jesus used. The Christian authorities told him that little was said about this method and little was known. Usui started then to look for useful information within Buddhism, as there were several affinities between the life of Buddha in India and that of Jesus in Palestine. Unfortunately the Buddhist monks told him that the ancient healing method was lost and the only way to know them was to follow the instructions of the Lightening Path.

Mikao Usui went and lived in the USA for seven years. He applied at the theology faculty of the University of Chicago where he would find what he was looking for. He performed studies and comparisons between religions and philosophies, but he did not find the answers he was looking for. Then he came back to Japan and was remembered as Buddhist monk in a Zen monastery. The Reiki Master William Rand discovered that Usui was never chancellor of the Doshisha University neither student nor professor. Also it is not proven that he was at the University of Chicago. We may think that the Christian part of his life is an invention by the western people to justify the power of Reiki in the United States.

By the way Mikao Usui found some writings in the Zen monastery. In this writings there was the description of the healing formula. There was no information regarding the method of activation and use of the energy.

To comprehend the content he studied Sanskrit and then he discovered that the formula was very easy. He meditated three weeks, did fasting and prayed on Koriyama Mount. One day he saw a light beam towards him. The beam hit his Third Eye and he lost acquaintance for a while. When he woke up again he saw the Reiki symbols on a screen. While watching them he received the information to attract the healing energy. In this way the first Reiki Attunement occurred, first psychic re-discover of an ancient method.

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