Long hair-Cut,Style, and Care

Long hair can be beautiful hair. Getting from average to beautiful hair is not very difficult, however, it does require a good stylist.

Step One - Handle with Care! The number one obstacle to growing healthy long hair is damage - and most of it is self inflicted. Hair should always be handled gently - especially when wet. Detangle with your fingers, then a wide tooth comb. Avoid metal barrettes and rough elastics - plastic clips and hair sticks are just as versatile and much healthier. If you heat-style, try to reduce the heat, and use leave-in protectors before applying the heat. A little extra time and care will really pay off.

3). The stylist you pick for caring for your long hair is your most important friend or worst enemy. We always remember the stylist who cares for your long hair by being scissor-happy. I have also experienced stylist who do not listen to me, share my goals, is patronizing and not interested in me. Avoid these stylist like a plaque. Find the stylist who shares your goal of having beautiful and healthy long hair.

No. Four-You should feel comfortable with your stylist before you proceed with a trim or other hair procedure. Watch how your stylist handles your long hair- respect for your hair is shown by a gentle touch, not a rushed rough approach. You should expect the right stylist to offer for you and him to look at the back of your hair together. Be sure to agree on the amount of hair to be cut. Remember, wet hair being cut always comes out shorter than the original look. Once you agree, accept the loss of your hair as a long-term plan for even more beautiful long hair.

Your stylist should not use damaging cutting techniques, such as slide-cutting or razoring. These approaches damage the hair's cuticle beyond repair and won't allow you to grow it long and healthy.

6). Always remember to utilize a gentle shampoo as your long hair is more porous and older than shorter hair. Remember to not utilize a shampoo with conditioners that do not allow for proper cleaning of your long. hair. Deep protein and conditioners should be used on alternate weeks. A cream rinse should be used after every shampoo. The rinse is your best tool, along with your fingers, to detangle your hair.

No. Seven-The right products for your long hair will require a number of experiments with a long list of products. Find the product or products which allow you to meet the goals you have set for your hair.

No. Eight- Your personal diet and fitness program as a lot to do with all healthy hair,particulary long hair as it is older hair. Utilize a natural boar bristle brush, with a wooden base to give your scalp a boost. The brushing will stimulate the roots and massage the muscles of the scalp.

Step Nine- Learn to Enjoy It! Long hair offers many different looks. It is truly much more versatile than short hair! Ask your stylist for a lesson on quick changes using clips and hair sticks. There are many books and videos to help you learn basic or advanced braiding. When you learn to easily handle your length, you'll find you enjoy it so much more.

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