Karharine Mcphee Major Part of New Big Sexy Ad Campaign

One of the newest girls is Katharine Mcphee, with the hit single "Over It" and the #5 ranking in Stuff Magazine's "Top 100 Sexiest Female Celebrities".

The big sexy products line is making sure that the Los Angeles area is area of her charming personality and her natural beauty by showcasing her as their lead model in their new ad program.

Throughout April, you can check out a jumbotron on Sunset Boulevard featuring a thirty second spot with behind the scenes footage of the gorgeous McPhee.

The ad features footage of McPhee from her Sexy Hair photo shoot.

This Monday, April 9th, The Lounge in The Standard Hotel on Sunset hosted a party celebrating the launch of the Sexy Hair jumbotron. Hors d'oeuvres and an open bar fueled the party while the attendance of the innovative Jim Morrison, CEO of Big Sexy Hair, and star Katharine McPhee enthralled the attendees.

We have her up on the jumbotron on Sunset for the month of April. We're really thrilled and we love being apart of what's happening here in Los Angeles. We're glad Katharine is part of it too.

We're in Chatsworth which is out in the Valley. We're still LA. Michael who's the founder lives in Santa Monica and I live in Malibu. We're LA People.

Big Sexy's stated that you could expect big thing from the Company in the next 5 to 6 years. He noted that the Company had been the favorite of the professional salon industry for the last 6 years and there was no reason for this not to continue into the future.

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