Improve Your Health - Choose A Good Colon Cleansing Product

There are so many different colon cleanse products on the market that you can be forgiven for being confused. Choosing the right colon cleansing program is very often a case of trying and finding out if you feel happy using that particular treatment. Frequently this is just trial and error before you settle on what feels right for you and your body.

A P&B Shake is one colon cleanse product. "P" stands for Psylium Husk powder while "B" stands for Bentonite clay. These two, when used in tandem, work as an excellent colon cleanser. It also gets rid of unwanted bacteria, parasites and harmful waste products the safe and natural way.

P&B shakes effectively get rid of chemical compounds and toxic metals that build up in the body due to the environment (and the pollution it causes) and our lifestyle (particularly our diet). Have a P&B shake when you wake up, after meals and before sleeping at night. A word of warning, though. To avoid constipation, drink 1 shake and gradually build up to more shakes. This is to give your body time to get used to the level of fiber intake.

There are many alternatives to P&B shakes on the market and oxygen based colon cleansers are also frequently used. Oxygen based colon cleansers eradicate the toxins that have built up in the colon as well as having the ability to remove fecal matter. Oxygen is also a necessary element for a healthy bowel as it is vital for the beneficial gut bacteria that you want to promote. Oxy-Powder is a good example of an oxygen based colon cleansing product.

As for fiber based colon cleansing products, Dr. Natura's Colonix program is a popular option. It cleanses the colon while eliminating parasites, which is more than what some colon cleansing products can do. What's more, it helps you lose weight - as much as 15 pounds in one month! Colonix makes use of safe and all natural ingredients and herbs such as Psylium husk and Senna.

Dual Action Cleanse is a combination of Colon Clear and Total Body Purifier. Colon Clear rids the body of toxins and waste. It is fiber based, but does not cause loose bowels or constipation, which are the usual side effects of other products. Dual Action Cleanse works by relieving constipation by cleansing the bowel and then promotes the overall health of other areas of the body.

No matter what colon cleansing product you choose, you are well on your way to cleaning your system and restoring your body's inner health. However, for long-lasting effects and for improved health, you should also combine colon cleansing with changes in your lifestyle. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, cut down or eliminate smoking completely, get more exercise and improve your diet. All these will contribute to improve your body's health - both inside and out.

Yes, there are plenty of choices when it comes to colon cleansing products. But this should not stop you from taking this important step towards your health. To help you decide, you can research and find a lot of information regarding these products. Needless to say, colon cleansing helps you get rid of harmful waste and toxins safely and naturally.


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