How does Quantum-Touch Work?

The techniques of quantum touch consist of a number of breathing and body exercises. These allow the practitioner to use their inner life force, known as prana or chi, to directly heal. Healing through quantum touch is done with two processes, known as entrainment and resonance. Through these the practitioner raises their own vibrational energy level, and then uses that high vibration to heal. The healing itself is done by increasing the vibration of the affected area, which kick-starts the bodies own natural healing systems.

The important thing to remember is that everything has a vibration. In science, it has been shown that when two objects vibrate at different frequencies they start to come together. Usually the slower vibration will start to match the faster frequency. This is what we refer to when speaking of entrainment. Science has proven that this exists: a good example is when an electric oscillator tuned to similar frequencies will match frequencies eventually.

A quantum touch practitioner heals by raising their own vibration to a much higher level. He or she will then apply this energy to whatever area is in pain. Through entrainment, the energy field around the affected area will then be raised to a matching, higher, level as well. The extra energy given through this can be a big help to the patients body, and will encourage it to recover exceptionally quickly and well. Quantum touch can be used in any situation where natural healing occurs, and is particularly effective at relieving inflammation and disease.

But does the healing practitioner lose energy during this process? Actually, the reverse is true. The healing energy actually increases and moves both ways, between the practitioner and the patient. Therefore, the healing energy actually heals the practitioner as well and boosts his or her energy. When someone practicing quantum touch is vibrating at a high frequency, they usually feel quite energized by the experience and it is a positive thing all around.

Quantum touch is also surprisingly versatile. A number of people have experimented with it, and reported the ability to affect other living beings, including plants. Dead flowers have been brought back to life, and one enterprising practitioner used it to improve the taste of wine. As it affects the chemistry of matter, it should come as no surprise that food can be improved with it. However, it does highlight the amazing range of uses to which quantum touch can be put.

A lot has been done to demonstrate, beyond a shadow of doubt, the viability and usefulness of quantum touch. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of people who don't believe it can work. Until some final, overwhelming demonstration is designed, you will have to be content with just trying it for yourself.

Generally people don't really understand how the process of healing works. Ultimately, healing never has anything to do with someone outside of you; in actual fact healing is always the process that begins and ends within yourself. Your own body has always been capable of healing - sometimes you just need to get it going. Cells are given the innate ability to heal themselves. If you fuel them with the right energy, emotions, and nutrition they will be able to regenerate. Your body is very smart and knows how to heal itself.


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judiemaron said...

I want to thank you for your accurate account of the Quantum-Touch process. I am an instructor in the Portland, Oregon area and have seen other accounts (online) which have not been so accurate.
Thanks again,
Judie Maron