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Herbal supplements are more popular now than ever before. People are looking for new ways to improve their health, and they are turning to natural remedies rather than pharmaceutical drugs more and more.

As such, there have been countless studies performed on the therapeutic benefits and applications of various herbs and herbal extracts. Much of this research presents strong evidence that taking herbal supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial.

Therefore, many people use natural health supplements to treat various health conditions as well as to promote general well-being.

If you are interested in learning about what herbal supplements we take and why just visit our Featured Herbal Supplements section.

Otherwise use the navigation bar on the left and the links below to find out about specific herbs, herbal nutritional supplements and other popular health issues.

The problem is, like many other health-related products herbal nutritional supplements are not strictly regulated in the United States. Manufacturers of natural health supplements are not obligated to guarantee the safety, effectiveness or even the true content of their products!

As a result, most dietary supplements do not contain the herbs they claim to. It's hard to believe but it's true!

This is why we have created herbal-supplements-guide.com. Being herbal supplement takers ourselves, we have made it our mission to educate you about herbs and herbal supplements and how they may be helpful to you.

We will discuss popular herbs such as aloe vera, bitter orange, black cohosh, damiana, dong quai herb, ginger root, ginkgo biloba, green tea, milk thistle and all other medicinal herbs and herbal medicines.

Find out how you can promote general health and well-being, such as aid digestion, anti-aging, antioxidant benefits, herbal energy boosters, immune system supplement, improve memory, reduce stress, and vision improvement.

Learn about how you can naturally treat illnesses and conditions such as acne, ADD, natural medicine for ADHD, herbal cold remedies, arthritis, depression vitamins, diabetes treatment, spider vein cream, Hashimotos Disease, weight loss articles such as EverSlim weight loss product and other specific health conditions and disorders.

We've recently added a section on other important vitamins, minerals and nutrients often found in many dietary and nutritional supplements such as bee pollen benefits, best calcium supplements, diet pills that work, fish oil benefits, natural vitamin supplements, alternative herbal medicine, safe herbal supplements, omega 3 capsules and prescription diet pills.

SPECIAL NEW SECTIONS: We will review some very natural skin care and natural hair care including skin care treatment, hair loss products, energy supplements, breast enhancement and more, as well as a section dealing specifically with lowering cholesterol and heart health. We will also deal with womens health issues and problems such as menopause and sexual health and wellbeing about natural libido enhancement.

We recently added an entire section dedicated to the side effects of many prescription medications and health supplements. You can learn about the possible serious adverse reactions. Visit our prescription drug side effects section to learn about problems that you may not be aware of, as well as natural treatments and remedies. Visit http://www.allherbalstore.com for more information on all the available herbal supplements.

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