Hair Loss Remedies & Hair Thinning Treatment for Natural Hair Growth

Men, women, and even children may deal with thinning hair at some point in their lives. Some people are resigned to the progressive baldness, while others seek out measures to halt present hair loss and prevent future loss. There a few things that could cause this hair thinning.

Hair Thinning Causes

Hormonal changes

In women the use of birth control, pregnancy, and/or child birth may cause some hair loss. Once hormone levels return to normal, you will see re-growth after time. In men, excessive amounts of male hormones testosterone and DHT-dihydrotestosterone will cause hair loss.


Physical stress- serious illness, extremely high fevers, and injury may trigger hair loss. Emotional stress-anything that is unusual (loss, illness, financial or family issues) may also cause hair loss. Nervous habits such as hair pulling, pulling out hair, or rubbing your scalp too frequently will break hair and weaken follicles causing hair to fall out.

Hair Care

Washing your hair too often and blow drying your hair too much can damage the proteins necessary for hair growth. It can weaken the hair making it prone to fall out. Hair styles such as pulling your hair into a pony tail or the hairs lying in unnatural positions for too long causes hair loss. Combing through or brushing through your hair too roughly, causes breakage and pulling out hair thus resulting in hair thinning and loss.

Hair Thinning Treatments

Topical treatments

These are applied directly to the scalp to help block DHT- dihydrotestosterone that shrinks hair follicles preventing growth and causing hair loss. It helps to re-grow hair over time.


Oral medications are available that are used to treat hair thinning. These medications may have sexual side effects in some men. Other side effects that are more serious include swelling in the lips, breast pain and growth, lumps, or nipple discharge. If any one or more of these occur stop the medication immediately and contact a physician.

Natural Products

Oral supplements may contain a blend of herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins. They are specifically formulated to benefit hair loss. They may come in gel or capsulized forms.

Hair transplanting and hair cloning are both surgical procedures. They take healthy hair and transplant into thinning areas, or in cloning they take healthy hairs and reproduce them in great quantities and then place them in balding areas.

Dealing with Hair Thinning

Many people resign themselves to the fate of going bald. Others do whatever they can to cover up the loss by changing styles or using sprays. Others will seek the help of their physician and use medication or topical treatments, but these are not without side effects. Many people are turning toward natural products such as supplements to treat their hair loss. Natural products have few if any side effects and are less expensive than other treatments. Still others simply use wigs, hair pieces, weaves, or extensions to give the illusion of a full head of hair.

If the treatment is the result of medication such as that used in chemotherapy or radiation, pregnancy, childbirth, or thyroid problems once these situations are done, hair will grow back. It may take some time to get acceptable results.

Hair loss is or can be an emotional problem for some. Consultation with your doctor, looking into options such as wigs, and doing research will help you feel more in control of things. There are solutions.


Hair thinning is not necessarily inevitable and can be treated in most cases. Treatment methods are varied and you and your physician can determine the one that best meets your needs. Take an active role in your treatment plan and you will likely feel better and more in control.

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