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Approximately 10 % of the American population has high blood pressure (hypertension), according to the latest numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics. That's more than 30 million people. It ranks right behind sinusitis and arthritis as the third most common chronic condition.

Changing your lifestyle, eating healthier and exercising are three action steps to take on, to defeat the silent killer. Try one of those three to help create a high blood pressure remedy that will add years to your life. After getting proficient at one, start up another one.

Uncovering what eating habits have to be changed

High blood pressure and being overweight are often linked together. Part of your high blood pressure remedy should be to lower your weight if being overweight applies to you.

Alter your diet. This is a great place to start as a high blood pressure remedy. 1.5 grams of sodium per day is enough. Add potassium to your diet by eating 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Bananas are a great source of potassium. Eat whole grains, poultry, fish, and nuts. Stay away from canned foods, cold cuts (bologna, salami, etc.) red meat, sugary beverages (soda and fruit juices), and sweets. Choose low fat dairy products.

Lets get more active is one high blood pressure remedy

One segment of a high blood pressure remedy would be to do light aerobic exercise four to five times per week. Thirty minutes is a good time period for working out.

Alter what you do as a high blood pressure remedy

Change your lifestyle at once. The sooner you can begin using any one of these high blood pressure remedies the quicker you will be on a street to successful health. Check these out.

Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. A moderate amount is one drink for women and two drinks for men.

Avoid Tobacco. Smoking, even second-hand smoke is not good for anyone but especially those with high blood pressure. Ask your doctor for help. Inquire about nicotine gum or patches. If you smoke, your chance of suffering a heart attack is 2-6 times more likely.

Shun Coffee. There is a new report that indicates that some unknown ingredient or ingredients in coffee is what is responsible for high blood pressure and not caffeine. Research shows that even people who drink decaffeinated coffee display these effects. While this might seem like good news, it is best to avoid it if at all possible.

High blood pressure remedies that are natural

"For most people with mild hypertension, just about everyone now agrees that the non drug approach should be the first line of defense-or should at least be tried," says Norman Kaplan, M.D., a noted blood pressure authority at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas Southwestern Medical School.

Make the calcium connection. "Calcium seems to have a favorable effect on some people," says Roseann Lyle, Ph.D., an assistant professor of health promotion and education at Purdue University. But the search to discover exactly who will respond favorably to calcium continues.

Parsley is very useful in high blood pressure. It contains elements, which help maintain the blood vessels, particularly, the capillaries. It keeps the arterial system in a healthy condition. It may be taken as a beverage by simmering 20 gm of fresh parsley leaves gently in 250 ml of water for a few minutes. This may be drunk several times daily.

Garlic is regarded as an effective means of lowering blood pressure. It is said to reduce spasms of the small arteries. It also slows down the pulse rate and modifies the heart rhythm, besides relieving the symptoms of dizziness, numbness, shortness of breath, and the formation of gas within the digestive tract. It may be taken in the form of raw cloves or two to three capsules a day.

High blood pressure has been called the silent killer. Every trip to the doctor's office always includes a blood pressure reading. Keep yourself informed. Make the dietary, lifestyle changes and start working out to address potential problems caused by this disease. Your high blood pressure remedy is your responsibility.

Home Remedies

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