Bioflow Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Really Helped Me with My Back Pain

In January I started having intense back pain. I thought a bit of rest would do the trick. Gradually the lower back pain turned into agony. The doctor referred me to hospital where I was given an X-ray which showed nothing. Finally after a considerable wait, I had an MRI scan and was diagnosed with a herniated disc (slipped disc). I was bed ridden, the pain was travelling down my left leg and it was unbearable. It made my life very depressing.
By September I was given an epidural to numb the pain, filled with unpleasant steroids, which provided light relief. This pain relief lasted for around 3 months and then the intense pain reoccurred. I was back to square one again.
A few months later I was given another epidural and very strong pain killers, which were having a toll on my stomach. This was not how I wanted to live my life.
I tried different osteopaths and chiropractors but none provided much relief.
I then had an operation after much debate, which made my pain worse. This was because scar tissue built up in the area and was continuously pressing on the nerve.
I was given 3 nerve block injections over the next year which helped with the pain, but didn't completely provide relief. I was then told I couldn't have anymore as they were not a good thing to rely on.
Still in severe pain, now travelling down both legs I was told the doctors couldn't do anything to cure it. They told me I was now being referred to their pain management clinic as this was all they could offer.
I was a young married man with a young child and unable to do the basic things of life. I was totally devastated.
Having resigned myself to the intense back pain I went away on a short break where I came across a small stall selling the Bioflow. I was very sceptical about it, how could a small magnetic wristband help me, nothing else has up to now. I read some of the literature and decided I had nothing to lose but the pain by trying one.
I bought the bioflow reflex and put in on immediately. Two months after wearing it my pain was still there. I tried swapping wrists and within three weeks I was having remarkably less pain. After five months of wearing the Bioflow my pain had diminished considerably.
I would honestly say my pain has been reduced by about 90%. If I overdo it twinges do come on, so I invested in a Bioflow Boost which works directly where the pain in most intense at moments when it is needed.
I believe the Bioflow changed my life where other medicine failed. I have no side effects from nasty pain killers - I don't take them anymore.
I gave one to my wife for fatigue, back pain and high blood pressure, my father-in-law for sciatica, back and neck pain, his brother for back pain, numerous friends for a variety of conditions with a success rate of 98%.
I was so impressed with how it worked for me and others that I became a distributor to sell this wonderful product to others who may be suffering in pain.
I also use the Bioflow on my mobile and no longer suffer headaches and lack of concentration, another great product from the Ecoflow range.
I have also tried other Ecoflow products having found the Bioflow & Biophone so successful, and must say they are all very impressive.
If you suffer from back pain I would strongly recommend you try one, you have nothing to lose except the pain! Recent trials also report Bioflow magnetic bracelets do improve arthritic pain, so if you are suffering from arthritis then its worth trying one.


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