What should a man do when his wife starts losing her hair?

Greetings! This post is very special post for me because I owe it to my wife. My wife Mary (and she’s Welsh, by the way) is very concerned about her hair. I’m by no means careless and inattentive towards her but I can see no signs of her losing her hair. To me her hair is always strong, very-very thick and long and shiny. But she tells me every time that it’s getting thin, that she loses her hair, that because of that she’s not that attractive as she always was. I almost gave up in my endeavor to make her change her mind but all in vain. Maybe it’s a part of her Welsh character? As far as I’m “a confirmed follower of healthy way of living” I could not allow my dear wife to order those notorious drugs and medicals for hair loss. But I must compromise as well. So I set my self to searching a natural hair loss treatment that has no side effects and is effective and reliable at the same time. And I seem to have found it! This is Provillus, an all-natural hair loss treatment that has proved to be one of the best on the market of alternative and herbal hair loss treatments.

The majority of people believe that natural hair loss treatments can’t be very effective if you want to avoid hair loss and “initiate and accelerate” hair regrowth as soon as possible. People don’t believe that all those herbs, substances and products of natural origin are no that strong as drugs. Well, generally speaking, it’s true. That is why drugs are the most common and the most buyable hair loss treatments nowadays. But Provillus is an exception here.

This Natural Hair Loss Treatment contains only natural and herbal ingredients, vitamins and minerals. One small pill includes more that ten compenents. They are saw palmetto, magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc, nettle root, pumpkin seed extract, Eleuthero, Uva-Ursi, biotin, and some others. We have already wrote about some of the above-named treatments in the previous articles. It is needless to say that all these components are vitally important for creating the proper environment for healthy hair growth.

It’s scientifically proven that the most typical hair loss causes are connected with hormones, precisely with the increased level of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone that can be present both in men and women. It affects adversely the productive function of hair follicles, so in course of time the hair becomes thinner and eventually comes out and stops its growth completely. Provillus is an alternative herbal hair loss treatment that lowers the level of dihydrotestosterone in the man’s or woman’s body and provides the scalp and hair with all necessary nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. As a result, it revitalizes hair follicles and provide fast hair growth.

Now back to my wife. Let’s speak about hair loss in women, or female pattern baldness, in more details. As a matter of fact, here is no definite pattern for hair loss in women. Some of them start losing hair quite early, others notice that their hair gets thinner when they are old enough.

Many women are sure that the real cause for hair loss can be overtreating of hair. Of course, caustic hair-dye, hair spray, hair dryers and tongs, and straighteners won’t do any good for your hair in terms of its health. And, yes, all of them, taken together or separately, can cause temporary hair loss. But they can’t be the reason for a serious long-term hair loss.

One more thing to mention here is that Female Pattern Baldness is not such a rare thing as it is usually thought of. According to recent studies, more than one in four women inherits thinning hair in the US.

And of course, the most sad thing about female hair loss is that it makes a woman lose her self-esteem. She doesn’t consider herself to be attractive anymore. She feels depressed, lonely and unhappy. An every balding woman tries to find the proper hair loss remedy to stop this nightmare. But let’s begin with the causes.

there are many causes for women to lose their hair. The majority of doctors and hair specialists believe that the most common type of hair loss is the so called Female Pattern Baldness – it accounts for 95 percent of all hair loss cases in women.

After all this I think I can understand my wife much better. She's scared by all this things about hair loss and she's so hypochondriacal. I believe there's only one thing left to do about it from my part. I'm by no means advertising anything here, but to cut a long story short, I ordere this Provillus - just to take a try. It hasn't arrived yet but it already made my wife calm! I wonder what will be when she starts taking it! So this story is to be continued:)

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